Renting your Northern Michigan vacation home doesn't need to be hard! We can help. Request a free rental consult today!

Here’s how it works:

  1. We’ll have a phone conversation to learn a little bit about you and your goals and to gather some basic information about your vacation home.
  2. We’ll schedule a time to visit the property.
  3. We’ll provide you with recommendations and a realistic market assessment based on metrics like rental rates and occupancy for comparable properties.

There’s absolutely no obligation. The purpose of the consult is to help you determine whether partnering with Holiday Vacation Rentals is the right path to achieve success. Complete the form to request your free rental consult now.

 Request a Free Rental Consult

About Holiday Vacation Rentals

 Holiday Vacation Rentals (HVR) is a full-service professional vacation rental management company proudly serving homeowners and guests since 2005 and a proud member of the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA).
 HVR Founder and Managing Director Alan R. Hammond is a recognized industry leader who has served as a Director, Officer, and Treasurer of VRMA.
 We manage the entire rental process, making it practical and convenient for you to earn an extra stream of revenue from renting your vacation home.
 Our good-neighbor policy, rental rules, and 24-hour emergency hotline help ensure the safety and satisfaction of our guests while protecting your property so you can rest assured that you home is in good hands.
 Our high level of customer service results in loyal guests coming back year after year, earning you more rental revenue.

If you own a vacation home in northern Michigan and are interested in renting it out to earn an extra stream of revenue, or if you are already renting and want to increase your rental revenue, find out what we can do for you by requesting a free rental consult. We'll share our insights into your potential market and help you decide whether partnering with Holiday Vacation Rentals would be the right path for you to achieve vacation rental success.

Alan R. Hammond

Founder and Managing Director, Holiday Vacation Rentals

VRMA Member Company
VRMA Member Company
VRMA Member Company

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