Pure Michigan

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Soak in some of our Pure Michigan sunrises and spectacular sunsets: “25,000 mornings, give or take is all we humans get. We spend them on treadmills, we spend them in traffic…and if we get lucky, really lucky; it dawns on us to go spend some of them in a world where a simple sunrise can still be magic. 25,000 mornings. Make sure some of them are Pure Michigan.”

Pure MichiganGolfing in Michigan: “In Michigan, long days, relaxing weather, and more than 800 pristine courses make for a perfect tee time. Because being able to play golf all day is Pure Michigan.”

Waters of Pure Michigan: “There are still places that can slow the world down just long enough for us to catch our breath. Reconnect with what really matters at one of over 11,000 crystal clear lakes, thousands of rivers and streams, and more freshwater coastline than any other state in the country. Find out what pure feels like.”

Pure Michigan Outdoors:“Immerse yourself in a land of crystal water, new trails, and colors that didn’t come from a paint can. Our backyard promises more outdoor adventure than ever before. Lose yourself in a 19 million acre playground that’s Pure Michigan.”

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