Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals

H oliday Vacation Rentals offers a wide selection of northern Michigan vacation rentals, including luxury homes, cottages, cabins, and condominiums. Whether you are looking for accommodations for a small group or large family, we can help you find the right vacation rental to meet your needs.

Whether you’re interested in a golf getaway, soaking up some sun on the beach, or hitting the ski slopes, we’ve got you covered year-round.

Learn more about vacationing in northern Michigan, or view our selection of northern Michigan vacation rentals on the map and search for a rental by category below.

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Golf Getaways

Golf Getaways | Birchwood Farms Golf & Country Club

Luxury Rentals

LeBear Resort | Luxury Vacation Rentals

Beach & Waterfront

Beach & Waterfront Vacation Rentals

Large Family & Group

Large Family & Group Vacation Rentals

In-Town Rentals

In-Town Rentals | Vacation rentals near downtown Harbor Springs or Petoskey

Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly | Affordable Vacation Rentals

Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals


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