The health and safety of our guests and owners will always be our top priority. That’s why Holiday Vacation Rentals has introduced rigorous cleaning, sanitization and disinfection protocols in our properties to give you and your family peace of mind during your vacation.

Here’s how we’re rising to the occasion with our professional standards of disinfection cleaning:

Advanced Disinfecting Technology

  • If a home requires disinfection, we use Vital Oxide, a hospital-grade disinfectant. Vital Oxide is approved by the EPA and it eliminates 99.99% of viruses. It’s also non-toxic, so it’s safe for humans and pets and is non-corrosive on furniture and surfaces.

Updated Processes

  • Our housekeepers, technicians and staff have been trained to maintain proper and safe cleaning techniques and appropriately use personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves.
  • Comforters and duvets have been removed and replaced with sheets and blankets to make it easier to provide a deeper, more comprehensive clean in our linens.
  • For an additional charge, we offer an optional mid-stay cleaning and disinfection service to guests who would prefer a bit more peace of mind.

We’ve structured our cleaning procedures around guidance from the Vacation Rental Management Association. Rest assured, Holiday Vacation Rentals is working to provide a clean vacation home to you and your family.

Be well and take care — our properties are waiting for you.

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