Owning a vacation home comes with its share of problems. Here are six great reasons why renting your home while you are away might be the best solution.

The Insider's Guide to Renting Your Vacation Home

Free Rental Guide!

Learn what it takes to rent your vacation home and maximize your rental income.

Free Rental Guide!

Learn what it takes to rent your vacation home and maximize your rental income.

Being the proud owner of a wonderful vacation home does not come without the need for ongoing maintenance and expense. Homes can be particularly difficult and expensive to maintain when you are not there for much of the year. After purchasing a beautiful vacation home, many homeowners find the time they spend actually using the property can be substantially less than anticipated when the home was first purchased. With the costs of maintenance, property taxes, and other expenses associated with homeownership, owning a vacation home can seem more like a liability than an asset, no matter how much you enjoy the time spent getting away there.

One solution you might have considered is renting out your home while you are away to help cover the costs of ownership. But renting a vacation home can be challenging and time consuming. How would you find renters? How would you manage the rental process from check-in to check-out from a distance? How could you feel confident that your home was in good hands? The thought of renting can be extremely daunting.

The good news is that these problems are not without solutions!

Whether or not you’ve ever thought about renting your home before, here are a few things to consider about why doing so might be your best option:

  1. You can put your home to work for you. Instead of being a liability, your home can be an asset by offering a return on your property investment.
  2. You don’t have to spend time or money trying to find renters. Rent-by-owner is one option, but going this route can be overwhelming. Going with a professional vacation rental manager is another option that can help make your decision to rent hassle and worry free. Holiday Vacation Rentals has a waiting list of potential guests looking for vacation homes.
  3. You don’t have to deal with the logistics of getting guests checked-in and out and everything before, during, and after.  You don’t need to take calls about lost keys or problems with appliances or improperly functioning mechanical systems. A professional vacation rental manager can take care of the entire rental process for you, making renting your home a practical and convenient option.
  4. You can have peace of mind about renting your home. Any home owner who considers renting is rightfully concerned about possible damages. But with a professional rental manager, you can rest easy. Holiday Vacation Rentals offers Travel Interruption and Property Damage Protection insurance so you can unburden yourself of this anxiety.
  5. You can keep your neighbors as well are your renters happy. Holiday Vacation Rentals is a full-service professional rental manager. Our good-neighbor policy, rental rules, and 24/7 emergency hotline help ensure safety and satisfaction. Our high level of customer service results in loyal guests coming back year after year.
  6. You can find your vacation home well-maintained and professionally cleaned when you return. That way you will be able to spend your time enjoying the reason you purchased a vacation home, rather than spending your vacation time working.

Contact us for a free consultation to learn how you can put us to work for you. Call (231)242-0730 or email us at Info@HolidayVacationRental.com today!

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The Insider's Guide to Renting Your Vacation Home

FREE Rental Guide!

Learn what it takes to rent your vacation home and maximize your rental income.