Unsurprisingly, the top reason people like to take vacations is because vacations make us happy! It’s hard to think of a better reason than that. But what do people like to do on vacation that makes them happy?

An Expedia survey found that 80 percent of Americans get more pleasure from vacations than from possessions. A whopping 94 percent said they would give up one of their prized possessions—which included TV, coffee, and their mobile phone—for a week in return for a one extra vacation day. Ninety percent consider their happiest memories to be from vacations.

Moreover, the benefits of vacations carry over back into “normal” life once they are over. Seventy-seven percent of respondents to the survey said taking vacations was important for the health of their relationship with their spouse or partner. Those that took three or more vacations per year reported higher satisfaction in their family relationships as well as in their work life. So we know vacations make us happy.

But what is it that people look forward to doing so much that they are willing to give up prized possessions for? What activity do they enjoy that has the benefit of improving their family relationships? Golfing? Skiing? Boating? Kayaking? Biking? Hiking? Those are all great, but what’s the answer?

Why, nothing at all!

The survey showed that 74 percent prefer relaxation to adventure. Forty percent included “relaxing, doing nothing” and “not having a set schedule” as their favorite thing about vacations.

Another finding about vacations from the survey is that people don’t think they get enough of them. No surprise there! Eighty-five percent reported feeling that they “need a vacation right now”. Are you among them? If so, why not start planning your next vacation today?

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Jeremy Hammond
Jeremy Hammond loves the northern Michigan outdoors, and his hobbies include hiking, biking, exploring, and photography. He does technical stuff for Holiday Vacation Rentals like helping to ensure a great user experience on the website. He enjoys researching and writing and also contributes to the HVR blogs.

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