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Your Guide to FUN for Your Next Northern Michigan Vacation

Your Guide to FUN for Your Next Northern Michigan Vacation

Northern Michigan is always a favorite vacation destination. Our miles of freshwater coastlines always offer spectacular views and plenty of ways to play. Our summertime fun often involves our cherished unsalted waters. Hiking and biking along the trails that hug our...

Vacation Houses for Free?

Vacation Houses for Free?

Popular shows like HGTV’s “Vacation House for Free” suggest you can own your dream vacation home by renovating and renting it out — but it’s not that easy.

Launch of Mobile-Friendly Vacation Rental Website

With the new site, HVR wanted to completely improve the user experience, looking for customers to enter the site and immediately be drawn in by stunning images of a waterfront vacation rental or northern Michigan's Million Dollar Sunset.  The company wanted to make...

Top Six Hidden Advantages of Choosing a Vacation Rental

ore and more people are discovering the advantages of choosing a vacation rental for their next Northern Michigan getaway. The extra amenities not found in hotels can be a refreshing, luxurious and rewarding way to spend a well-earned vacation and...

Vacation Rental Industry Past, Present, and Future

or vacation rental managers who have been around long enough to remember an offline life, the marketing of vacation rentals “ain’t what it used to be.” An article written by VRM Intel, A Look Back at How the Marketing and Competitive Landscape Has...

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